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Subject: 10/27/2003: Issue 5 and Use Cases

In last weeks requirements' call (10/22/2003), we discussed Issue 5 
briefly. The question was raised (see meeting minutes re: this below).

Issue 5 Need for suspend and resume
 This issue is not yet ready for a vote.
 If we define a suspend feature, what happens to existing flows (threads)?
Monica thought that there could be a time requirement until the 
outstanding threads can all be killed.  Peter thought this should be an 
implementation feature and notsomething that should be part of the 
actual spec. John and Yaron agreed.
*** Monica believes the Use Case group could take a closer look at this 
and possibly identify (business) patterns that may require this 
 Yaron indicated that the description of this issue should be changed 
to point to Use Cases.

Is this a possible area to look at developing a use case?

Note: John, this should close my action item.

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