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Subject: call today? :: RE: [wsbpel-uc] No Call Today -- Apologies,clarifications, discussion points (WAS: Call moved to Tuesday)

Is there a call today? If so, same logistics?


-----Original Message-----
From: John Evdemon [mailto:jevdemon@microsoft.com] 
Sent: Thursday, November 20, 2003 4:45 PM
To: wsbpel-uc@lists.oasis-open.org
Subject: [wsbpel-uc] No Call Today -- Apologies, clarifications, discussion
points (WAS: Call moved to Tuesday)
Importance: High

Hello everyone,

Please accept my apologies for the confusion I have caused you all.  My
schedule was disrupted this week by a business trip and our regular call
schedule was impacted.  I am deeply sorry for any issues this may have
caused you - I understand that your time is both very tight and very
valuable - I hope I have not offended anyone by this disruption in our

I will not attempt to have the call today, since most of us are unable
to attend.  This is quite understandable, given the last minute
disruption/movement of the call from earlier this week.  I have posted
some recommended discussion points below - please respond to this thread
so that we can continue working on these issues.

Before I list these discussion points, allow me to clarify our meeting
start time:  

Fabienne requested that we push back to 1 PM ET.  If we move the start
time to 1 PM ET people in the Asia-Pacific area will be unable to attend
(I believe this is 4 AM in that part of the world).  When this group
first started we decided that 4 PM ET provided seemed most appropriate
for everyone.  While this time is a bit late for our European friends,
it is still a relatively accessible hour for participants in
Asia-Pacific (assuming they have some strong coffee available!).    Much
as I would have liked to accommodate Fabienne's request, I believe we
should stick with our originally agreed-upon start-time.  I would ask
that those people who are unable to participate (due to incompatible
working hours) utilize the mailing list to participate in the

Discussion Points:

1) Participation.  This is our most critical issue.  We have an exciting
mix of both standardized-"real-world" use cases and "bottom-up"
technical approaches.  We have a detailed, prescriptive approach for
documenting and building use cases.  What we don't have are people who
are willing to take ownership of one or more of the proposed use cases.
I would love to see a few more people step up and get more involved.
When I originally pitched the idea of the use cases subcommittee my goal
was to provide guidance on how BPEL can be used to solve "real-world"
problems based upon one or more industry-standardized business
processes.  We also discussed adopting "bottom up" approaches based upon
items identified by the Issues subgroup.  Many people expressed interest
in this approach but few people are actually stepping up to do the work.

2) The following work needs to be completed.  Please respond and let me
know which item (or items) you are interested in working on:

a) Completion of the Use Case Catalogue document and guidelines.  The
"skeleton" has been completed - the detailed descriptions/narratives
need to be added.

b) WS-I Supply Chain Scenario

c) OAG/EAI Scenario (it might be good to link with the Auto Industry's
STAR initiatives)

d) RosettaNet - IBM appears to have done some initial work in this area
that we may be able to leverage

e) W3C Choreography WG - Monica pointed out several of their Use Cases
that we can leverage.  Monica also called my attention to a particularly
strong (complex) candidate at
(I need to take a closer look at this scenario to better determine if
this is a valid business model or an academic exercise...)  I would love
to hear everyone's thoughts on this scenario.

f) Suspend/Resume - see Issue 5

g) Visibility into SOAP Headers - Sid raised this as a potential new use
case.  Sid: can you take ownership of this and see that it gets

h) Decomposition - Sid expressed interest in a use case that illustrates
decomposition of a process into two or more sub-processes.  The Issues
group has had a number of discussions around this topic.  This is a
critical use case since it could be used to illustrate how multi-party
collaborations could be broken down into partner-specific views of the
larger process.

Again, I hope you can accept my humble apologies for disrupting this
week's call (I promise to buy y'all a beer at our next F2F).  

I also hope we can generate some discussion around the points listed
above.  As always, submitting new ideas and scenarios are always

Thanks in advance for your input.


John Evdemon

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