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Subject: Use Case - request to move bi-weekly calls to a different day or time

Good morning everyone,

Please accept my apologies for having been somewhat unresponsive over
the past couple of weeks.  My team here at Microsoft has gone through a
rather major reorganization, being absorbed into the Architecture team.
The Architecture team holds weekly meetings every Monday at 1 PM PT - in
direct conflict with our bi-weekly BPEL calls.  Rather than having to go
on canceling and rescheduling Use Case calls I would like to move the
call to another day and/or time.  If I recall, the 1 PM PT timeslot
seemed most accessible for people.

Would there be any objections if we moved our bi-weekly calls to
Tuesdays at 1 PM PT (4 PM ET)?  Please let me know.

Please also respond with a date/time that would be amenable for this
week.  (I am once again unable to get out of today's meeting conflict.)

If I get no input on rescheduling this week's call I will set up the
call for this Thursday 2/12 at 4 PM ET.

Again, I apologize for any confusion that I may have caused the subgroup
over the past week or so.  (I guess I'll have to buy drinks at the next

In closing, please respond with 2 things:

1 - Objections (if any) to moving the bi-weekly calls to Tuesdays at 4

2 - Date & time to reschedule today's call (with 2/12 @ 4 PM ET being
the default).    


John Evdemon
Office: +1 425 722 4105

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