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Subject: Fw: [wsbpel] Issue 11 - Call for Discussion


It suddenly hit me like a thunderbolt - duh!

We need to add this use case as a BPEL use case, and develop the WSDL
and BPEL example of the interaction with CAM.

Does anyone have a transaction they want built as an example here?

I can easily pick one I have - like the CAM template for the IV&I BOD
and then the BPEL can query the warehouse subsystem to get the
actual parts on hand data that then gets built out into the IV&I parts
availability transaction format by the CAM template.

Thanks, DW.

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Sent: Friday, February 27, 2004 1:34 PM
Subject: Re: [wsbpel] Issue 11 - Call for Discussion

> Yaron,
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> > As for companion languages, for a companion language to BPEL to be
> > useful it must be able to see and manipulate BPEL variables. So it seems
> > reasonable to expect to be able to drop down into the companion
> > language, manipulate the BPEL variables using the companion language's
> > XML manipulation facilities and then pop back up into BPEL.
> >
> This is EXACTLY what I'm seeing CAM can do for you - and YES it
> is heavily typed.  However I need a mechanism to pass the BPEL variables
> back and forth.
> So in "PPT BPEL" - I'm seeing calling CAM as a webservice via a WSDL
> binding - passing it the content of the variable area that is the input,
> then getting back another variable area that is the result as a BPEL style
> reply works right now.  You also pass CAM the template pointer that
> contains all the rules and manipulation that you want to occur  (that's
> what the OASIS CAM spec' details - and of course the templates are
> all in XML).   In my PPT BPEL - this just looks like another step
> that the BPEL engine can execute - and it calls the CAM processor
> in the same way it interacts with another WSDL driven step today.
> CAM BTW has full fault handling built-in - so it can message and error
> however you need.  And the specification is about to be to public
> review status in OASIS next week (vote pending) - so we should beat
> the release date here of BPEL itself handily ; -)
> There's a brochure on CAM available in Kavi from the CAM TC area
> to give you the 30,000' intro' too.
> Thanks, DW.
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