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Subject: Groups - CAM-002.rtf uploaded

The document CAM-002.rtf has been submitted by John Evdemon (jevdemon@microsoft.com) to the WSBPEL Use Cases List document repository.

Document Description:
eBusiness Transaction binding with external service - Transaction Assembly.
An industry group needs to have a consistent way of documenting the information exchanges for the scenarios its members are implementing. Further more implementers need a consistent way of ensuring transaction content is assembled according to the industry definitions of those transactions. Each individual participant needs a consistent way of apply context to their specific interchange transaction assembly.  The OASIS CAM TC team has created a specification and toolset that can act as an external service in this way. A WSDL definition of a CAM process can provide the linkage between the CAM process and the BPEL. The BPEL will need to package the XML content that requires assembly and pass that to the CAM process as an XML structure. That structure may resemble the final transaction content structure, but does not have to exactly match it. The CAM process will assemble the information into the exact structure layout and details in XML that are specifically required. CAM has an extensive set of functions that permit manipulation of data strings and content formatting.  The CAM process will return to the BPEL process the outcome from the external assembly service, along with either a completed transaction document, or a delivery result status.

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