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wsbpel message

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Subject: Issue - 36 - Addentum: BPEL Code Fragment

Here is a code fragment that furthur describes the problem highlighted by
issue 36.



Here is a BPEL fragment that illustrates a simple scope with an onMessage
event handler and an alarm eventHandler.

Let's imagine that the onEvent operation gets called multiple types with
15seconds. How is the event variable protected against concurrent write?

Shouldn't the syntax of the onMessage element, when used within
eventHandlers, declare and initialize a new variable instead of pointing to
a variable defined in the scope?

Fragment of BPEL code:

        <onMessage operation="onEvent" partnerLink="AsyncBPELService"
          portType="tas:AsyncBPELServiceCallback" variable = "event" >

            <wait for="PT15S" />

            <!-- Code reading info from 'event' message -->
		<assign ....>



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