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Subject: Re: [wsbpel] Issue - 46 - Namespace for the document fragment representing a part

As the culprit behind the XPath stuff in BPEL 1.1, I'd like to weigh
in on this. I was also on the XSLT WG where XPath 1.0 was defined.

"Chris Keller" <chris.keller@active-endpoints.com> writes:
> Sorry if the wording of my replies misled you.  My Issue is not really
> about the part as type and property alias queries, but also XPath 1.0
> vs. XPath 2.0 and the queries within bpel assignments and expressions.
> Even if we assume no namespaces in the document fragment under the part
> as type case (which we should think hard about as validation would be an
> issue), many of the messages would most definitely contain namespaces
> and as such require qualification in XPath 1.0. 

XPath 1.0 does not require qualification unless the element/attribute
itself is qualified. How else could it work??

What's the validation for unqualified stuff? I don't know of any myself.

So as Ugo said, if the schema for the complex type that part/@type
is referring to has qualified stuff, then stuff that follows /partname/..
would indeed be qualified. If not it would not be. That's it.

Since we're still dealing with XPath 1.0 let's just focus on that and
not worry about what XPath 2.0 does or says. In particular, I'm not
qualified to debate that as I left the WG and haven't had the time
to follow the specs. I'm sure there are more expert people here who
can comment.

W.r.t. the general issue of what namespaces are in scope for an XPath
expression, XPath defines a notion of a context. So when evaluating
an XPath expression the namespaces defined by the context are assumed
to apply to the XPath expression as XPath itself has no way to define
namespaces. In particular, in BPEL when you say "bpel:getContainerData()"
say, the "bpel" prefix is resolved w.r.t. the namespaces visible on 
the element which contains an attribute whose value this expression is.

So I don't think there is any issue whatsoever w.r.t. the namespaces 
of part names or any other name used in any XPath expression in BPEL.
I'm not sure whether the spec clearly says how the XPath context should
be computed (IIRC something was added to clarify that) but there's 
only one meaningful way to do it (see above paragraph) IMO.



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