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Subject: RE: [wsbpel] Issue - 46 - Namespace for the document fragment representing a part

> We've been grappling with this exact same issue over in the
> CAM TC.  Here's what happens - if the XML content has a 
> default namespace declaration in it - then the XPath parser
> will demand prefixes, even if you don't use them!

You seem to be mixing unqualified and unprefixed.

What you are talking about is the case of unprefixed elements. That happens when an element is in a particular namespace, but that namespace is declared as the default namespace. Any element from that namespace still belongs to that namespace (obviously) but its QName does not need a prefix as long as that namespace is the default namespace.

What we were talking about is unqualified elements. Those are elements that do not belong to any namespace, so their QName never has a prefix (regardless of what the default namespace is) simply because there is no namespace associated with them.


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