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Subject: Issue - 33 - invoke/receive-callback race conditions, even in the 1.1 sample (p.22)

Hello Satish and Dieter,

as the Champion for this issue I am preparing a somewhat cleaner represenation of the problem, so I am refering to Satish's latest comment on it:

> So I think it would be helpful to restate your problem making the assumption of correlation.

I will definitely do this, (and maybe raise another issue, because it is a rather trivial one).

But I am also interested in better understanding your second comment, Satish. (which is somewhat gramatically challenging to a non native speaker, can you clearyfy please?)

> Recasting the example using <flow> is compounding the confusion in my humble opinion.

If you mean, the flow in the sample would be confusing, then you are right, I would not introduce that in the sample, but it is another case where the race condition issue raises its ugly head, thats why i have mentioned this second (also not working) solution.

Dieter, on the Phone conference where we discussed this issue, you sounded like you wanted to think of an solution. Anything in your mind, yet?

I realy do not feel like it is best to force implementations to handle this case, but on the other side, I do not want to introduce too much complexity, also?


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