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Subject: Re: [wsbpel] FW: [chairs] RE: New OASIS TC FAQ Pages

>Corda: The answer to question 4, "How does this work compare with related efforts at other standards organizations?", does not mention W3C WS-Chor. That could be seen by some people as an embarrassing omission, particularly given the fact that we are supposed to have a liaison with that group.
>Evdemon: As mentioned earlier (and below), OASIS is asking all TCs to provide a
>FAQ page.  
(1) The BPEL4WS 1.1 was a submission into this TC not the output of this 
TC.  Would it then be called WS-BPEL?  We need to differentiate the 
submission (1.1 based on 1.0) and the TC output. 
(2) Either we acknowledge dependencies on other proprietary 
specifications or just concentrate on what BPEL can natively provide 
(ref: complex collaborative processes).
(3) The last sentence on which web service gets called is too detailed 
for this type of summary. Suggest you leave the first two sentences.  
(4) Should list our potential liaisons here (and I agree with Ugo).

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