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Subject: Re: [wsbpel] RE: Issue - 52 - Should BPEL provide a standard way tospecify when flows are sending messages to each other?

Satish Thatte wrote:

>Yes we could envisage static analysis.  But do we have the means to specify a prescriptive method to ensure deadlock free processes?
Yes, this would be especially difficult if the process author is a 
business-domain expert, or even a fairly naive technologist of the VB sort.

>Re deployment, I actually agree with Yaron, Tony et al that if we do agree to support intra-process-instance messaging then this would be best done with feature enhancement and not through deployment tricks.  I am concerned about encouraging people to go down that road and run into serious difficulties with things like deadlock.  
I didn't make myself clear; I too agree with this point. I was 
suggesting that the presence of explicit support in the BPEL language 
for intra-process messaging would simplify deployment, since we would 
avoid having to perform deployment "tricks."

>I would much rather find something simpler and more constrained, e.g., data flow through links (not thought through that yet, so please don't take it as an actual proposal).
Or perhaps an <invoke-self> activity? Just food for thought, not a proposal.


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