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Subject: [Fwd: re: [wsbpel] Issue - 53 - Should include Business Transaction Management (BTM) programming constructs compatible with WS-T, BTP and WS-TXM]

Webber: The BCM TC is already working on this - and have the draft Appendix B 
posted at their team documents site.
....."Choice Pt presentation" that discusses the approach and rationale.
......I believe it would make sense to formally liaise with the BCM team
on this and jointly work out technical details on how the technology
pieces can best fit together.
Bottom line - what is needed immediately to solve Issues, and what
can we foresee is nice to provide support for coming along in 
subsequent releases?

mm2: Dave, there are several points which will likely be discussed in the F2F in September, where 
everyone, including BCM, can provide inputs.

Let's differentiate infrastructure level context for transactions vs. the business context.

|Green: 1. Business transaction creation, manifested by the creation of a
|       business transaction context variable.
|    2. Business transaction context reception and transmission
|       (propagation) via invoke/receive/reply, allowing sub-transaction
|       or pass-through behaviour.
|    3. Process involvement in business transactions as participants,
|       which can handle positive and negative transaction finalization
|       messages (by means of confirm and cancel handlers).

mm1: Context may not only apply to business transactions. Therefore, we 
may need to consider it separate from business transactions.  For 
example, would it not be prudent to consider a simple context mechanism 
that has other utility? Thanks.

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