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Subject: New Issues Document

I just posted version 1.6 of the issues document. Check the appendix at the
end for a list of changes. I suspect what most folks will be interested in
is the appendix summarizing the process. The new summary is:

Step 1 - Send your issues directly to the issues editor, Peter Furniss
(Peter.Furniss@choreology.com). It would be helpful if your e-mail was of
the form:

	Subject Line: New Issue - [A short title for the issue]
		Categories: [If you aren't sure what value to put here then
don't worry about this field]
		Document: [What document the issue is about - e.g. the main
BPEL TC document or a sub-group document?]
		Description: [A short summary of the issue.]
		Use Cases: [Zero or more references pointing to Use Cases
that are relevant to the issue.]
		Links: [Zero or more references pointing to resources that
are generally related to the issue.]

	Empty fields can be omitted. The issues process list does provide
support for a limited set of HTML tags as well as a number of time saving
macros such as a Macro to put in a link to another issue. Please see
Appendix - Neat Issues Posting Tricks for more details.

Step 2 - If there is a problem with your submission the issues editor will
contact you. Once any problems are resolved an announcement will be sent to
the main list announcing your issue and giving the issue number. The
announcement message has its reply-to field set to the main list.

Step 3 - A mail sniffer is available that checks the subject lines of mail
sent to any of the group's mailing lists. Any mail with the subject line
"Issue - [An issue number] - [Whatever You Want]", possibly preceded by one
or more "Re:" or "[<groupname>] will be picked up and linked to the issue.

Step 4 - If you want to change anything about the issue, such as its title,
description, categories, etc. then send mail to the Issues Editor.

Step 5 - When the time comes to resolve the issue send an e-mail with the
subject line "Issue - [Issue ID] - Proposal for Motion" to the mailing least
at least one week before the next TC meeting (teleconference or
face-to-face). If the e-mail is sent less than one week before the next
meeting then the chairs may choose not to bring the issue up and postpone it
until the meeting after the next meeting. If the e-mail is sent less than
one week before the next meeting and the chairs do decide to bring it up for
a vote at the next TC meeting and anyone objects that there hasn't been
enough time to review the issue then the chairs will delay the issue until
the next TC meeting. In other words, please, post a 'Proposal for Motion'
e-mail at least a week before the next TC meeting.


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