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Subject: Re: [wsbpel] Issue 3 -- proposal for discussion

I could use some clarification for these proposals. Is proposal #2 any
different from just throwing out the notion of snapshots and having all
activities use the same state?

Could someone clarify for proposal #1 how write operations are impacted?
When executing a compensation handler in a snapshot world, what happens when
the compensation handler attempts to assign a new value to a variable that
is visible to activities that are still executing in the live state? (For
example, a process level variable.) I am referring to an assignment that
attempts to assign to the variables directly, not through the proposed
inbound/outbound parameters. Does this:
1. Assign the new value to the snapshot version of the variable without
impacting the "real" variable? (Might this be described as cloned variables
as opposed to a frozen snapshot?)
2. Throw a fault? (Which fault?)
3. Get detected and prevented by static checking? (Is this always possible?)

Jim Clune
Parasoft Corporation          email: jim.clune@parasoft.com
101 E. Huntington Ave.      voice: (626) 256-3680
Monrovia, CA.  91016           fax  : (626) 305-9048

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