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Subject: Agenda for Oct.15 WS BPEL TC call

The next  WS BPEL TC conference call will be on Wed. Oct. 15 at 8 am 
Pacific.   Dial in info is: USA Toll Free Number: 888-711-4576 USA Toll 
Number: +1-484-630-9377,  LEADER: MS DIANE JORDAN PASSCODE: WS BPEL 
TECHNICAL COMMITTEE.   The passcode and the leader's name will be required 
to join the call.  Here is the proposed agenda: 
- Roll call/determine quorum 
- Review/accept minutes from Oct 1 meeting.  Note - We've not included 
attendance records in the minutes for the meetings/calls because it is 
recorded directly in the calendar record on the TC web site - if you want 
to see the attendance for a meeting, you can go to the calendar, clicking 
on the meeting and then click on the link for "more details". If you 
scroll down on the resulting page, you should see the attendees.  Let us 
know if you have a problem with this. 
- Nomination/volunteers to take minutes for this call - Tony Fletcher has 
volunteered to do the first hour
- Review agenda 
- Plans for Dec. face to face.
- Use case subgroup report . 
- Liaison subgroup report . 
- Specification Editing subgroup report. 
- Implementation subgroup report.
- Requirements and Issues Coordination subgroup report. 
- Issue discussion candidates:
 Vote on 23, 7, 27, 36, 46, 47  (the web ballot for 23 was not valid since 
not enough people voted).  Discuss 3, 72
If the discussion overruns our normal 2 hour time, its been proposed that 
we move on to any new business and then resume discussion of 72. 
- New business

Diane Jordan and John Evdemon
Co-chairs, WS BPEL Technical Committee

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