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Subject: Liaison report on UN/CEFACT Business Collaboration Framework (BCF)

Title: Message
Dear Colleagues,
As I posted previously the UN/CEFACT have generated a new site for BCF information at www.unbcf.org
The shape of this site has now been established, and each document that it is proposed to generate now has a scope description - pull down the 'document' heading along the top navigation bar, select a docent and click and you move to the description.
One new proposed document that may relate to the work of this group is the  Business Collaboration Schema Specification (BCSS).   Business Collaboration Models (BCMs) in UML cannot be directly interpreted by all of today's software. Using the Business Collaboration Schema Specification (BCSS) the model is transformed into a technology- and implementation-neutral format, to which technology-specific production rules can be applied. Business Collaboration Schemas (BCSs) possibly in ASN.1, as well as the BCSS, comprise the BCF abstract layer, in that they are represented in a technology- and implementation-neutral format, such that they can be bound to any technology-specific implementation.   It is envisioned that the Business Collaboration Framework (BCF) would have many technology specific implementations, such as Web Services and other distributed object computing solutions in the near and distant future.   The BCF, being technology-neutral, binding to a large number of other different syntax notations must be ensured.
Primary audience:
Developers of BCF Tools and Applications
Implementers of BCM trading partners
Status: Project Proposal is currently being defined. Call for Participation expected early November. Work to start 4Q03 (interim TMG Meeting).
The next interim TMG meeting is currently scheduled for 8 - 12 December 2003 in Waidhofen (near Vienna in Austria), so if the next F2F meeting dates can avoid these dates it will be appreciated

Best Regards,


Tony Fletcher

Technical Advisor
Choreology Ltd.
68, Lombard Street, London EC3V 9L J   UK


+44 (0) 870 7390076


+44 (0) 7801 948219


+44 (0) 870 7390077




Business transaction management software for application coordination

Work: tony.fletcher@choreology.com

Home: amfletcher@iee.org


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