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Subject: Re: [wsbpel] Issue - 74 - Ambiguity in join condition definition

Yaron Goland wrote:
What is harmed if we allow join conditions on activities that don't have links? Isn't it already possible to write a join condition that doesn't refer to any form of link state in calculating its Boolean output?
true and false come to mind; without any links to get the status of, that seems to be about it. I suppose one could get creative,

    joinCondition = "true or false"

and confuse the non-XPath crowd.

More seriously, isn't the value of the joinCondition moot if there are no incoming links? One could put anything in the joinCondition attribute, but the expression simply would never be evaluated is there are no incoming links. I believe the spec is quite clear about that. So I'll gone Yaron in asking "what is harmed?"

    Just Curious,
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Subject: [wsbpel] Issue - 74 - Ambiguity in join condition definition

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Issue - 74 - Ambiguity in join condition definition

Status: open
Date added: 9 Oct 2003
Submitter: Dieter Roller
Date submitted: 09 October 2003
Description: The specs could possibly be interpreted in such a way that activities without an incoming link could also have a join condition. This is not the intended meaning.
Submitter's proposal: Modify the first sentence in the second paragraph in section 12.5.1 as follows :
Every activity that is the target of a link has an implicit or explicit joinCondition attribute associated with it; an activity that is not target of a link has no joinCondition attribute associated with it.
Furthermore it may be helpful to have a similar sentence earlier in the document.
Changes: 9 Oct 2003 - new issue

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