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Subject: Do we need the createInstance attribute?

Section 11.4 states "The only way to instantiate a business process in
BPEL4WS is to annotate a receive activity with the createInstance attribute
set to "yes" (see Pick for a variant). The default value of this attribute
is "no". A receive activity annotated in this way MUST be an initial
activity in the process, that is, the only other basic activities may
potentially be performed prior to or simultaneously with such a receive
activity MUST be similarly annotated receive activities."

If I understand this sentence correctly then the following is illegal in

      <receive portTypeA createInstance="yes".../>
      <receive portTypeB createInstance="no".../>

If that is the case then can't we just get rid of the createInstance
attribute since it is redundant? In other words, if an activity is an
initial activity then it must, by definition, be a createInstance activity.

Also, if the previous example is illegal in BPEL then I think the following
sentence from section 11.4 could be misleading: "It is permissible to have
the createInstance attribute set to "yes" for a set of concurrent initial

This sentence implies that there are times when it is legal to have
concurrent initial activities where createInstance is equal to no.


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