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Subject: Re: [wsbpel] Possible new issue: BPEL cannot handle some SOAP headerbindings

Ugo,  this is a deployment/binding issue that is not addressed by BPEL at
all. You easily write down bindings that won't work with a certain BPEL
process model...


To:    <wsbpel@lists.oasis-open.org>
Subject:    [wsbpel] Possible new issue: BPEL cannot handle some SOAP
       header bindings

Let's suppose we have the following WSDL file:

<message name="In">
    <part name="InPart" element="InElement"/>

<message name="Header">
    <part name="HeaderPart" element="HeaderElement"/>

<portType name="myPortType">
    <operation name="op1">
        <input message="In"/>

<binding type="myPortType" ... >
    <soap:binding ..../>
    <operation name="op1">
            <soap:body parts="InPart" ...>
            <soap:header message="Header" part="HeaderPart" .../>

In this example, the abstract operation "op1" refers to message "In", but
the binding brings in an additional second message, "Header", for the
concrete operation.

It seems that BPEL would not be able to process the "Header" information in
any way. For instance, a "receive" operation would only be able to specify
one inputVariable, which would be associated with the "In" message and not
the "Header" message. In other words, the "Header" message would carry
information to the "receive" operation that BPEL would have no access to.

If this is the case, new Web services defined with BPEL in mind could
easily modify this scenario by defining both body and header as being part
of a single message, but legacy Web services might be out of reach for

Please confirm that the current status is as I described. If it is, I will
formally raise a new issue.

Thank you,

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