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Subject: Re: [wsbpel] Do we need the createInstance attribute?

Yaron Goland wrote:

>I think an editorial change that describes 'createInstance' as a marker of a
>start activity, explains that it is redundant and then describes why it is
>there anyway should do nicely. Can we add that to the list you are
>maintaining of things for the editors to do?
Does this really answer the original question you posed? Is the sample 
process fragment you supplied considered illegal?

I can easily imagine someone trying to exploit such a "feature" if it 
was not explicitly banned. Borrowing from your example:

      <receive partnerLink="A" createInstance="yes".../>
      <receive partnerLink="B" createInstance="no".../>

This could be used by partner B as a kind of polling mechanism to see if 
partner A has done his thing yet. Kind of an event handler for process 
instances that don't exist. Useful for non-deterministic (parallel) 
sections of a choreography.

Do we wish to support this usage, or ban it? I think we need some 
explicit wording one way or the other.


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