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Subject: Re: [wsbpel] Issue - 2 - A subfunction proposal

An interesting proposal; I'd say it is certainly worth examinely more closely.

On first reading, I have few issues/questions.
  1. Import name conflicts for subfunctions. Libraries of subfunctions may easily contain duplicate function names. Do we allow this (with some sort of rule about which subfunction wins), ban it (deployment-time error), or  have a way of distinguishing (qualifying) the names?
  2. Cannot the word 'host' be replaced by term "caller's scope"?
  3. Given the demands of serializable scopes (and the need to statically determine read and write behaviour of a scope), would it not be helpful to allow a sub-function to declare if an input parameter were "read-only" or "read/write"? This would free the sub-function from the restrictions placed on expressions to permit such static analysis.
  4. XPath is supposed to be side-effect free, which implies (to me, at least) that variables passed as parameters (by reference, of course) must be read-only.
  5. If we do allow side-effects in XPath-callable functions, we might need to worry about XPath order-of-evaluation, as well as short-circuiting of logical expression evaluation, in order to assure portable behaviour. I don't believe XPath 1.0 specifies these things.
  6. I assume that a <function> activity would be a basic activity, so that <subfunction> activities could not contain start activities?

Let me mull your proposal over a bit more; perhaps I can answer some of my own issues.


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