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Subject: Issue - 83 - Garbage Collecting Compensation Handlers

This issue has been added to the wsbpel issue list. The issues list is posted as a Technical Committee document to the OASIS WSBPEL TC pages on a regular basis. The current edition, as a TC document, is the most recent document with the title in the "Issues" folder of the WSBPEL TC document list - the next posting will include this issue. The list editor's working copy, which will normally include an issue when it is announced, is available at this constant URL.

Issue - 83 - Garbage Collecting Compensation Handlers

Status: open
Date added: 3 Nov 2003
Submitter: Yaron Goland
Date submitted: 31 October 2003
Document: Main Doc
Description: BPEL processes can potentially be very long lived and after a certain point compensation handlers persisted earlier in the process's lifetime may no longer be needed. We need a way to let the BPEL engine know that it can garbage collect unneeded compensation handlers. We can do this implicitly through hacky tricks like defining empty compensation handlers or we can introduce a more explicit way to identify a scope whose compensation handlers can be safely garbage collected.
Links: Yaron Goland, 30 Oct 2003     Assaf Arkin, 31 Oct 2003     Frank Leymann, 31 Oct 2003
Changes: 3 Nov 2003 - new issue

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