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Subject: Issue - 72 - Proposal to vote

Proposed resolution for issue 72:

Given that the scope of BP is confined to the specifications it
references, and that BPEL is of wider application:

a) In developing the BPEL language, where reference is made to
specifications that are in BP 1.0 scope, the BP 1.0 interpretations of
underspecified or erroneous features will normally be followed. 

b) Where use-cases and use-case artifacts are in BP 1.0 scope (i.e.
using referenced specifications) they will be BP 1.0 compliant, if

c) The requirement (or non-requirement) of BP 1.0 compliance of BPEL
engines or deployed processes is not affected by their use of BPEL. 


See previous discussion (
http://www.choreology.com/external/WS_BPEL_issues_list.html#Issue72 )
for more explanation. The only change from the proposal for discussion
in http://lists.oasis-open.org/archives/wsbpel/200311/msg00018.html is
the addition of "or erroneous" in a).

To maximise our chances of getting closure on this before 2004, if the
above is unsatisfactory, please give proposed amendment (or alternative
text), not just expressions of discomfort.  Please!


Peter Furniss
Chief Scientist, Choreology Ltd

   Cohesions 1.0 (TM)
   Business transaction management software for application coordination

web: http://www.choreology.com
email:  peter.furniss@choreology.com
phone:  +44 870 739 0066  <-- new, from 4 August 2003
mobile: +44 7951 536168

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