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Subject: New Issue - Addressing Interoperability / Portability - SOAP 1.2

Title: Addressing interoperability and portability: SOAP 1.2
Status: Open
Categories: clarification
Date added: TBD
Origin: Email, Date 24 November 2003
Submitter: Monica J. Martin
Date Submitted: 24 November 2003
Champion:  TBD
Document: BPEL specification

SOAP 1.2 is a direct replacement for SOAP 1.1, a current component of  
BP 1.0. Both are instances of a WSDL protocol binding. SOAP 1.2 is a  
full W3C Recommendation while SOAP 1.1 is only a Note.  It is expected 
that WS-I BP 2.0 will include SOAP 1.2 and WSDL 1.2/2.0. Therefore, we 
should consider how we address SOAP 1.2 consistent with our current and 
future resolve for BP 1.0 and WSDL 1.2/2.0 while also anticipating the 
upcoming BP 1.1 (attachments).

In addition, recommend we discuss how this affects interoperability and 
portability, and whether implementation guidelines would be in order 
(coordination with implementation subgroup is recommended).

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