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Subject: Subject lines of messages about issues


There's been a little drift again in the format of messages. My scripts
aren't that clever and are a bit restricted in what they recognise.
Preferred form for a message about Issue 28 would be

	Issue - 28 - whatever you like

Hyphens, not #, with the spaces and (for reasons lost in antiquity) one
hyphen before and one after.

The script in fact has some flexibility, but if I keep increasing it we
will get false positives which will confuse things the other way. And I
sometimes remove some flexibility to keep the thing tractable.

The scripts will clean off various Re:, Fw: and [****] in front of that,
but otherwise Issue must be the first word of the subject. (which
provides a way of escaping - "My message was not about Issue - 23 - ok"
will not be caught)

A message that proposes a solution for voting should start:

	Issue - 28 - Proposal to vote

Though again there are some variations, which may increase or decrease
as I find helpful.

New issues should start

	New Issue - title of new issue

And should be sent to me peter.furniss@choreology.com. Sending to the
main list risks pre-discussion which then needs to be tied back in by
hand. It also makes it more likely that I will miss it.

In the new issue, don't worry about all the fields - the dates, who you
are, status etc. are all generated (date submitted will be taken from
the New Issue message). See the appendix in the issues process document
for details of other things, including planting what will be links to
existing messages.



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