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Subject: Vertical Industry Standards - SAP announcement/BPMI role

BPMI.org members,

As evidenced by the recent announcement by SAP


and other indicators, the availability of standards such as BPML and BPEL and their suporting
technologies has created the opportunity to create process models that address broad industry
needs. The SAP announcement points specifically to RosettaNet, CIDX and UCCnet  as
three examples. I am sure that many more could be identified. CSC for example is developing
a new generation of financial services processes using BPML and ACORD. 

My question to BPMI.org members is to ascertain the extent to which BPMI.org should take
a role in showing how process standards can be used to create executable
process schemas in support of vertical efforts. For example, in the past, RosettaNet standards
have been nothing more than Word documents. This, and lack of implementation support,
has led to very extended PIP deployment phases and limited take up. Following a recent presentation 
of BPML to RossettaNet, there was interest in progressing the development of examples of 
executable process models to demonstrate the benefit in turns of radically streamlined 
deployment, and of course, subsequent process management using BPMS.

In the same way in which BPMI members have shown how it is possible to model workflow
patterns using BPML, it would be possible to show how to model vertical industry standards, 
including adherance to vertical industry data schemas.  

This message has also been copied to the OASIS BPEL TC since some members of the OASIS
BPEL TC may not be on the BPMI list and because OASIS have strong interest in the vertical 
application of XML technologies. 

All input is welcome on this topic.


Howard Smith
co-chair BPMI.org/CTO CSC EMEA

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