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Subject: Your review requested for latest specification working draft

You should have received the message below with a link to a new version of 
the draft spec has been uploaded to the web site by Prasad and the spec 
editing team.   As was planned, this version includes changes for issues 
that have been closed and the team has polished it from an editorial 
perspective.   The next step is to review it at the face to face meeting 
next week and if possible officially adopt it as the current working 

Issues incorporated include: 

Revision 01.000
10 June 2003
First Draft. Produced from May 05 2003 version of BPEL 1.1
Revision 01.001
18 Oct 2003
Applied Issue-27 Resolution (impact of error on evaluation condition on a 
Prasad Yendluri
Revision 01.002
21 Oct 2003
Applied Issue-36 Resolution (Change onMessage Event Handler to onEvent )
Prasad Yendluri
Revision 01.006
22 October 2003
Applied Issue-23 Resolution (clarify that redundancy of structured 
activities is desirable)
Yaron Y. Goland
Revision 01.007
27 October 2003
Added the words "properly configured" to the change made in Revision 006 
per Satish's request.
Yaron Y. Goland
Revision 01.008
10 November 2003
Applied resolution to issue 32 (link semantics in event handlers)
Sid Askary
Revision 01.009
17 November 2003
Applied resolution of issues 7, 39, 46
Francisco Curbera

Regards, Diane
IBM  Dynamic e-business Technologies
(919)254-7221 or 8-444-7221, Mobile: 919-624-5123

----- Forwarded by Diane Jordan/Raleigh/IBM on 12/03/2003 06:04 PM -----

12/03/2003 02:34 PM
        To:     wsbpel@lists.oasis-open.org
        Subject:        [wsbpel] Groups - 
wsbpel-specification-draft-Nov2303.htm uploaded

The document wsbpel-specification-draft-Nov2303.htm has been submitted by 
Prasad Yendluri (pyendluri@webmethods.com) to the OASIS Web Services 
Business Process Execution Language TC document repository.

Document Description:
This is a copy of the latest editor's draft(as of Nov 23, 2003) of the 
specification. Proposed first TC draft.

Download Document: 

View Document Details:

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