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Subject: BPEL licensing - deja vue / resolution

My thought of the day is that I have been here
done all this before. Only last time it was Borland
that provided the means to break the impasse.
Remember when the legal world was frozen into
thinking that software users had to sign-off on a
twenty page+ licensing agreement?
And then Borland came out with its no nosense
approach that printed on to the back of the
envelope the disks came in?
We've also all seen this from NDA doc's that
are impossible to sign - but people have
sensible, legible and concise two or three
pagers of those now too.
My suggestion is that you take matters into
your own hands at the F2F.  Sit down around
a laptop and edit together a concise licensing
agreement that looks good to you - take all five
mega-doc's - consolidate, delete, and fixup.
Then as a group of contributors to the TC you
will have what you think is a fair and reasonable
license to use.  
As I see it the bottom line is that either the
original contributors follow through on their
intent on bringing BPEL into OASIS, and
benefiting from all the hard work the TC is doing
on making the specifications workable, or
it ends here as a specification only they can use.
Hope you have a productive time in Florida.

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