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Subject: Re: [wsbpel] Resolution to issue 10 - Implicit compensation Handler

The current specification requires each scope, upon it's successful 
completion, to install a compensation handler within the enclosing 
scope. That could be a compensation handler that was explicitly defined, 
or a default compensation handler (implicit). But a compensation handler 
is always installed in the enclosing scope by the completing scope.

The new proposal changes that behavior. It requires each scope to 
support an invocation of its compensation handler by the enclosing 
scope, and that could be an explicit or a default compensation handler. 
However, when a scope completes, it installs its compensation handler in 
the enclosing scope only if one is explicitly defined. If the scope does 
not define a compensation handler, it installs the compensation handlers 
of its child scopes within its enclosing scope.

To achieve the same behavior with custom handlers, the custom handlers 
must be able to invoke any compensation handler installed in their 
scope, and not just those coming from direct children. It therefore 
needs an understanding of when a compensation handler is installed in 
the scope, vs assuming that each child scope installs a compensation 
handler upon successful completion.


Satish Thatte wrote:

>Sid and Yaron,
>My main concern with my own proposal is the fact that the default
>behavior cannot be achieved with custom handlers, which is a fault in my
>proposal.  Someone (cannot recall who) brought that up during the face
>to face and it gave me pause.  Need to think about that some more.  In
>the mean while let us wait for Peter's comments.
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>From: Yaron Goland [mailto:ygoland@bea.com] 
>Sent: Thursday, December 11, 2003 3:42 PM
>To: 'Sid Askary'; wsbpel@lists.oasis-open.org
>Subject: RE: [wsbpel] Resolution to issue 10 - Implicit compensation
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>>From: Sid Askary [mailto:saskary@nuperus.com]
>>Sent: Tuesday, December 09, 2003 1:46 PM
>>To: wsbpel@lists.oasis-open.org
>>Subject: [wsbpel] Resolution to issue 10 - Implicit 
>>compensation Handler
>>As I said, I think your solution (the reverse temporal order) 
>>is a good one.  I think I have a simple compromise: that we 
>>add a sentence to the effect that 
>>" Note: Sole reliance on implicit compensation handlers as a 
>>programming construct or as a means of defining default 
>>system behavior is not recommended."
>>This may address both the "programmatic" (Yaron's) and 
>>default behavior (my own) assumptions.   
>>Not sure about Peter's concern.
>>- Sid.
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