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Subject: Re: [wsbpel] Issue - 95 - Proposal to Vote

Hi DK,

Do you think it may be a better idea to rename <throw/> to <rethrow/>?

Since <throw/> or <rethrow/> can only happens within <catchAll>, it 
would be easier for BPEL users to distinguish the difference 
syntactially, if it is named as <rethrow/>. And, it would be easier for 
XML Schema of BPEL to enforce that semantics without relying on 
after-schema-validation semantics check of BPEL 
translator/compiler/processor implementation.

(This idea came from one of my co-workers: Viru Singh.)


Alex Yiu

Dieter Koenig1 wrote:

>Proposed resolution for Issue 95: Allow all custom fault handlers
>rethrowing the original fault.
>Rationale: Default fault handlers, in addition to other steps, rethrow the
>original fault. Custom fault handlers must be able to express the default
>behavior as well.
>Proposed syntax:
>   <throw/>
>(without attributes).
>   <catchAll>
>      <sequence>
>         ...
>         <throw/> <!-- this is a rethrow of the original fault -->
>      </sequence>
>   <catchAll>
>Kind Regards
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