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Subject: Re: [wsbpel] Issue - 96 - Opaque Correlation Sets

>Furniss: Aren't there also cases where the BPEL process requires that the
>communication be via a correlating protocol, but doesn't mind which one
>? The requirement from the process is just that the communication be
>"connection-oriented" at application level - the application is not
>going to use its own data values to discriminate, and isn't interested
>in what the underlying protocol uses, so long as the conversations can
>be distinguished. Which underlying protocol is actually used is deferred
>to the binding.
>Or is this out in abstractional hyper-space ?
When we move outside of WSDL- and Schema-described XML messages, don't 
we lose some control? Doesn't this opacity bring risk with it?  What 
other issues have we not identified (plus allowing use of proprietary 

>>Leyman: Yaron,
>>there are scenarios in which the author of a process doesn't 
>>know whether partners of the process want to use opaque or 
>>transparent correlation sets. I.e. we should consider to 
>>support the specification of both kinds of correlation 
>>mechanism for a given activity, and then would have to define 
>>"overwriting rules" in case both kinds of correlation tokens 
>>do appear in a given interaction.
>>Issue - 96 - Opaque Correlation Sets
>>Status: open
>>Date added: 3 Feb 2004
>>Submitter: Yaron Goland
>>Date submitted: 03 February 2004
>>Document: Spec - Main
>>Description: When a BPEL programmer wants to use correlation 
>>they define a correlation set which consists of a series of 
>>properties. The BPEL programmer then makes sure that when 
>>initializing a correlation set the message being used for 
>>initialization has the proper values, IDs, etc., inside of 
>>it. This is a powerful generic feature that allows BPEL to 
>>work with a wide variety of correlation mechanisms. However, 
>>protocols are now being introduced to explicitly manage 
>>message correlation, for example, ws-addressing. One of the 
>>benefits of such protocols is that they free the programmer 
>>from having to worry about the details of correlation set 
>>definition and value creation. Therefore it would be 
>>extremely useful if BPEL, in addition to its existing 
>>correlation set mechanism, introduced the ability to define 
>>an 'opaque' correlation set. That is, a correlation set whose 
>>definition and associated message values are managed by the 
>>BPEL engine. An opaque correlation set would only define what 
>>protocol it is based on and leave the other details to the BPEL
>engine. E.g. <correlationSet > name="myCor" algorithm=" 
>Changes: 3 Feb 2004 - new issue

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