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wsbpel message

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Subject: assign query without part?

Confusion about assign.
Spec section 14.3 says the following (see below).

"In the first from-spec and to-spec variants of assignment, an optional
query attribute may be used in executable processes, yielding the forms

 <from variable="ncname" part="ncname"? query="queryString"?/>
<to variable="ncname" part="ncname"? query="queryString"?/>

For XPath 1.0, the value of the query attribute MUST be an absolute
locationPath (with '/' meaning the root of the document fragment
representing the entire part). It is used to identify the root of a
subtree within the document fragment representing the part".

The question is:

For <to>, is it allowed to have "query" without "part"?. If it is not
allowed to have "query" without "part" then I would suggest to remove the
"?" for part, like below.
<from variable="ncname" part="ncname" query="queryString"?/>
<to variable="ncname" part="ncname" query="queryString"?/>

I have an element variable which doesn't have "part" and I want to use that
element variable in <to>. How do i  use element variables in <to>?


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