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Subject: Issue 37 - Proposal for vote

Dear WSBPEL members:

In hope of expediting the discussion, I would like to propose a resolution
for Issue - 37 - Initiating Correlation Set More Than Once.

The proposed resolution has two parts. The second part is viable only when
the first part is accepted. In my opinion, the first part should accomodate
the multiple start activity scenario and the second part lends itself to
avoid inadvertent errors.

Proposed resolution part-1:
Abolish the "initiate" attribute of the "correlation" element. A correlation
set is initiated by the first activity that references it and completes.
All the pending and future activities in the same process instance 
referencing the same correlation set will not receive any messages that 
do not match the correlation set.

Proposed resolution part-2:
Introduce "noInitiation" attribute with default value "false" to the 
correlation element. If the attribute is set to "true", the correlation 
set must be already initiated when the referencing activity starts. If the
correlation set is not initiated, the bpws:correlationViolation fault must
be thrown.


Yuzo Fujishima
NEC Corporation

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