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Subject: Fw: issue categories

Folks, in order to support creating an agenda for the f2f w.r.t. issue
resolutions, I looked at the issues, the issue categories, and areas that
seem to need resolution with higher priority.

The attached xls contains issue categories (based on work that Ivana and
Monica have done); you may use Data->Sort to view it any way you like.

In addition, let me propose that, instead of starting with issue 1 and just
iterating through the list, we may address the following areas with higher
      Issue 10 (Serialization of compensation) and the
      "permeable/reversible/serializable" discussion (also includes issue
      Issue 11 (Query in <to> close should allow assigning to new
      locations) and other Data Handling issues (48, 63, 90, 103)
      Issue 4 (Dynamic parallel processing)

Please let me know in case of any additional suggestions.

(See attached file: BPEL Issues.xls)

Kind Regards

BPEL Issues.xls

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