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Subject: Re: [wsbpel] Issue - 102 - Fixing Typos in getVariable*() in BPELexamples


Thanks for pointing that out. :-)
I incorporate that into the proposal (when/if I submit one) for Issue 102, after Issue 103 is resolved.

Alex Yiu

Chris Keller wrote:

In XPath 1.0 default namespaces are not used for QName expansion and so the functions in our examples should always contain the bpws: prefix and xmlns:bpws should be explicitly declared.


From Section 2.3 of XPath 1.0 specification:


"A QName in the node test is expanded into an expanded-name using the namespace declarations from the expression context. This is the same way expansion is done for element type names in start and end-tags except that the default namespace declared with xmlns is not used: if the QName does not have a prefix, then the namespace URI is null (this is the same way attribute names are expanded). It is an error if the QName has a prefix for which there is no namespace declaration in the expression context."




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Tuesday, March 09, 2004 10:24 AM
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Subject: [wsbpel] Issue - 102 - Fixing Typos in getVariable*() in BPEL examples


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Issue - 102 - Fixing Typos in getVariable*() in BPEL examples

Status: open
Date added: 9 Mar 2004
Submitter: Alex Yiu
Date submitted: 08 March 2004
Description: There seem to be typos in our BPEL examples

"bpws:getVariableProperty(stockResult,level) > 100"
"bpws:getVariableProperty(stockResult,level) >= 0"
"bpws:getVariableData(orderDetails) > 100"

We need to put quotations on function parameters.

It becomes like:

"bpws:getVariableProperty('stockResult','level') > 100"
"bpws:getVariableProperty('stockResult','level') >= 0"
"bpws:getVariableData('orderDetails') > 100"

In some of the examples the "bpws:" is actually extra and incorrect. The prefix-namespace mapping of a function call in XPath typically inherited from that of the hosting element.
Changes: 9 Mar 2004 - new issue

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