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Subject: Mar 31 face to face attendance plans

If you are planning to attend the face to face on Mar. 31 and April 1, please make sure Ivana is aware.  I've included a list below of those who have responded so far.  Ivana needs this information to make sure the facility and food arrangements are adequate.
NOTE the risk of missing out on food!  Respond immediately please!    

We would also like to know how many people will interested in dialing in - please let us know your intention.
When you reply, please reply to Ivana and I only so we don't swamp everyone with unnecessary email.  


Regards, Diane

Members planning to attend:
 Canyang Kevin Liu
Danny van der Rijn
Diane Jordan
Dieter Koenig
Dieter Roller
Fabienne Marquardt
Frank Leymann
Ivana Trickovic
jeff mischkinsky
Martin Chapman
Mike Marin
Monica Martin
Peter Furniss
Satish Thatte
Steve Brown
Yaron Goland
Yin-Leng Husband
Yuzo Fujishima
Alastair Green
Mark Little
Dave Ingham

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