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Subject: Do you Grok PROCESS? (and a correlation ... or its that orchestration? ... case study)


Robert Heinlein, author of science fiction, coined the neologism "grok," (a Martian verb for a thorough 
understanding), though "grok" would never have taken hold, had the young rebels of the 1960s not 
discovered his book, Stranger In A Strange Land, as their counterculture bible. Using this idea,
I've developed a piece which is helping some CSC customers understand what a process is
and how it relates to BPMS, WS orchestration and WS choreography. The BPML diagram in the piece 
relates to a specific CSC BPM case study. To give context, CSC has made some details of the case study 
available. PDFs can be downloaded from:


If anyone finds this case interesting, please do not hesitate to get in touch and I'll try to answer 
questions about the implementation as best I can.

(Note: a couple of people who have been to this site and launched Acrobat within their browser have
reported the Acrobat error: "Wrong number of arguments for a setcolor operator." I have no idea
what this is, but if you get it, just hit your browser's reload button, or download the article and open in 
Acrobat directly. Both seem to work for those afflicted with the setcolor issue. If anyone knows what
the setcolor issue is, I'd also love to hear from them.)

Howard Smith/CSC/BPMI.org

cell +44 7711 594 494 
office +44 20 8660 1963 

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