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Subject: Issue - 109 - Compatibility between Abstract and Executable Processes

This issue has been added to the wsbpel issue list. The issues list is posted as a Technical Committee document to the OASIS WSBPEL TC pages on a regular basis. The current edition, as a TC document, is the most recent document with the title in the "Issues" folder of the WSBPEL TC document list - the next posting will include this issue. The list editor's working copy, which will normally include an issue when it is announced, is available at this constant URL.

Issue - 109 - Compatibility between Abstract and Executable Processes

Status: open
Area: Abstract processes
Date added: 24 Mar 2004
Submitter: Monica J. Martin
Date submitted: 23 March 2004
Document: BPEL specification
Description: In multiple issues (issue 24 : Separate schemas for executable vs abstract BPEL , issue 42 : Need for Formalism , issue 82 : description of abstract processes in spec , issue 91 : Nested Activities in Abstract Processes , issue 97 : Optional Variable References in Abstract Processes and issue 99 : Triggering activities for abstract processes , for example), we are seeing the need to be more explicit about the relationship and compatibility of abstract and executable processes. As indicated, the abstract process may be used for conformance for an executable process. In order to ensure stability for any conformance requirements (yet to be defined) and to lay the groundwork for conformance parameters that may be included in this specification, some mechanisms should be put in place to:
  1. Minimize the risk of under specification of conformance of abstract-to-executable WS-BPEL.
  2. Support type checking using the abstract process.
  3. Encourage the future specification of behavior checking.
  4. Define a mapping between the abstract and executable processes (like a template to the executable definition).
  5. Identify what other constraints may be advised to support compatibility of abstract and executable processes.
At a minimum, item [d] should be explicitly defined in the technical specification.
Changes: 24 Mar 2004 - new issue

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