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Subject: RE: [wsbpel] Issue - 110 - Issues with the Pattern Attribute

Title: Message
My understanding of the spec is that whenever it talks about a synchronous invoke it is referring to an invoke done on a request/response WSDL interface, regardless of the fact that the interface could be bound to an asynchronous protocol.
An asynchronous invoke, according to the spec, would be an invoke done on a one-way WSDL interface, possibly paired with a corresponding receive done on a separate WSDL one-way interface defined on the BPEL side of the wire.
I agree that terminology and semantics should be better clarified.
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Subject: [wsbpel] Issue - 110 - Issues with the Pattern Attribute

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Issue - 110 - Issues with the Pattern Attribute

Status: open
Area: Syntax and validation
Date added: 24 Mar 2004
Submitter: Yaron Y. Goland
Date submitted: 24 March 2004
Description: Section 10.2 of the specification currently says:
Finally, in the case of invoke, when the operation invoked is synchronous request/response, a pattern attribute is used to indicate whether the correlation applies to the outbound (request) message, the inbound (response) message, or both. These ideas are explained in more detail in the context of the use of correlation in the rest of this example.

There are several issues this text raises about the pattern attribute:

  1. The pattern attribute is intended to deal with request/response patterns but such patterns are not required to be synchronous. It is legal in WSDL 1.1 to define a request/response operation that bind to an asynchronous binding. I realize that the intent was probably to say that the behavior within BPEL (as opposed to on the wire) is synchronous but in that case the distinction needs to be made clear.

  2. I consistently get confused about what in versus out means. Why not use names that more closely match the WSDL names? E.g. something like "request | response | both"? I would extend this change to the inputvariable and outputvariable attributes renaming them responseVariable and requestVariable.

  3. The text in the referenced paragraph has caused confusion because it implies that the pattern attribute is only needed on correlation sets on request/response invokes. But we also require its use on one-ways. Ideally we would make the pattern attribute illegal on correlation sets defined on one-way Invokes and mandatory on correlation sets used on request/response Invokes. I realize that we probably can't express that restriction in XML Schema but, if so, we shouldn't allow XML Schema's limitations stop us from doing the right thing for our users.

Changes: 24 Mar 2004 - new issue

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