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Subject: RE: [wsbpel] BPELJ


I have reviewed the BPELJ whitepaper and I have several concerns / questions regarding this. I am concern on the approach which is "breaking" the portability of BPEL. This reminds me of some Java extensions that can be included in some XSLT (a vendor centric approach). 
Why don't we take the approach that IBM is following within their BPEL implementation: make use of the WSDL binding extensions to include other type of technology? I am talking here about WSIF. It seems to be a good approach. The BPEL compiler will be the one optimizing access to the objects.

The other point I wanted to raise is on the use of transactions. How would you (if you would) propagate a transaction from a Java component to a Web Service endpoint? I think that this raises the issue of not having a Web Service Transactional framework in place in the current BPEL spec. Why not advocating the use of WS-CAF which is the only standard in this space for managing transactions and context propagation? (Initiatives from IBM and Microsoft are not in any standardization bodies. Am I wrong?)

Thanks for clarifying these points


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From: Yaron Y. Goland [mailto:ygoland@bea.com] 
Sent: Thursday, March 25, 2004 10:13 PM
To: wsbpeltc
Subject: [wsbpel] BPELJ

Although it has been in the news I thought I would still send a note 
pointing out that BEA and IBM have recently released a joint whitepaper 
describing our shared vision for how BPEL and Java should work together 
called BPELJ. This whitepaper will be submitted for consideration by JSR 
207 in the JCP.

BPELJ is a consumer of the BPEL standard and so I hope the BPELJ effort 
will be able to contribute practical feedback on what it's like to use BPEL.

You can find out more about BPELJ at:


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