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Subject: RE: [wsbpel] Agenda and logistics for Mar. 31-Apr.1 f2f

Dear Diane,


Could I request that the TC consider moving the discussion on Issue 53 a bit later on Wednesday? I will be on the West Coast (eight hours away, given the daylight changes) and if I could join the call e.g. at 3.00pm or 4.00pm MEZ it would be at 7.00am or 8.00am in California.


As one of the progenitors I would appreciate this, but if it is inconvenient, no problem. As C.P. Snow once said: “the first law of politics is: ‘be at the meeting’”. And if you’re not …






-----Original Message-----
From: Diane Jordan [mailto:drj@us.ibm.com]
Sent: 26 March 2004 20:37
To: ws bpel tc
Subject: [wsbpel] Agenda and logistics for Mar. 31-Apr.1 f2f


Here is the agenda for the face to face meeting incorporating comments received since the last version.  We'll start the meeting at 9AM CET (8AM UK, 2AM Eastern, 11PM  Mar. 30 Pacific, 4PM Mar. 31 Japan)  with the issue discussion.  Lunch will be at 1PM on Wed. Mar. 31 and at 12PM on Thurs. Apr.1.   Both will be served informally in the meeting room.    For those participating by phone, we will take a checkpoint every 2 hours to review agenda progress and  summarize discussion.  If you are participating by phone, please try to be available at these checkpoints.  Meeting room and call in info follows.
This information will be added to the calendar entry for Mar. 31 along with maps provided by Ivana.

Ivana has provided the following information:
1. Meeting room: The meeting will take place in building 3 (address: Robert-Bosch-Str. 34, please see attached map), room H5.01
2. Dial-in information:
    On Wednesday, March 31, start time: 08:45 am CET, end time: 06:45 pm CET  
        * United States: 1-303-262 0065  
        * India (Toll-Free):  000-800-852-1143
        * Japan (Toll-Free): 0044-2244-2169
        * United Kingdom: 44-207-190-1520
    Access code: 355476
    On Thursday, April 1, start time 08:45 am CET, end time: 02:45pm CET
        United States: 1-303-262-0083
        India (Toll-Free): 000-800-852-1143
        Japan (Toll-Free): 0044-2244-2169
        United Kingdom: 44-207-190-1520
    Access code: 159257
We reserved 11 lines for United States, 1 for India, 1 for Japan and 1 for UK. If more lines are needed we can arrange that. If someone is not located in countries listed above (United States, India, Japan, UK) please use one of the listed ports (numbers) in the country closest to your.
Please note that all participants need to get a visitor's card. The cards will be prepared based on the list of participants I have (please see below the list).
At the reception desk you will get your cards and instructions how to find room H5.01. If you need any help you may call either me (06227-763228) or Sibylle Reichling (06227-741888).
Mar 31 9am-5:30 pm
- Roll call/determine quorum
- Review/accept minutes from Mar. 3 and Mar. 17 meeting.  
- Nomination/volunteers to take minutes  

- Review agenda.  
- Issue discussion.   Note that the name is associated with the first issue in each group.  The others listed are those identified as possibly related in the categorization work done by the issues subgroup and discussion may be led by others.  If no one is ready to discuss them, we will at least read through each of them to make sure we've taken possible implications into consideration.   Some of the issues may be considered to relate to multiple categories - the issues list has been updated to reflect this.  As we talk through these issues, we will also want to consider further possible implications.  

53 - Peter Furniss ( process coordination:  30, 54-59)
10 - Satish Thatte (compensation handling: 25, 75, 83, 94, 108) and 1- Satish Thatte (scopes: 101)
11 - Danny van der Rign, 48, 63 - Yaron Goland  (data handling: 12,  51, 90, 102, 103),
4 -  Ivana Trickovic/Dieter Roller (new constructs: 43, 52, 63)
33 - Bernd Eckenfels and 37 Yuzo Fujishima , 78 - Yaron Goland (correlation: 8, 26, 31, 66,  96)
34 - Monica Martin (related standards: 15,  71, 86, 87)
107 - Yaron Goland and 91, 97, 99,  -  Dieter Koenig (abstract processes:  82, 109)
- 4:30 pm BoF on ip
Apr. 1, 9am - 2:30pm
- Liaison subgroup report  
- Use case subgroup report
- Requirements and Issues Coordination subgroup report.    
- Specification Editing subgroup report.  
- Implementation subgroup report.

 - New business
- Continue issue discussion from above list

Regards, Diane and John

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