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Subject: Issue 108 -- parallel compensation handler execution order

Title: Message

I believe that the compensation handlers for parallel scopes should be processed in any order, by default. The implication of parallel forward processing is that there is unlikely to be data sharing (i.e. the services involved are unaware of each other); it is reasonable to assume the same on the way out. If there is sharing/awareness, then it’s a case of caveat emptor: don’t disorder the necessarily ordered, or control the disorder very carefully at an application level.


The spec as it stands seems to unambiguously mandate “reverse completion order”, as a previous post from Muruga Chinnananchi pointed out.


I suggest that after the existing text in 13.3 ending:


“If the compensation handler for a scope is absent, the default compensation handler invokes the compensation handlers for the immediately enclosed scopes in the reverse order of the completion of those scopes.”


be inserted the additional text:


“When scopes are executed in parallel, the default compensation handler of their immediately enclosing scope shall invoke the compensation handler of each completed enclosed scope, in an implementation-defined order”





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