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Subject: IP Issue & Day's End Summary

Hi all-
While I proposed the BoF at the F2F I will not be able to attend the F2F. A point I would have argued for is: continued discussions of IP issues has to be about a strategy to achieve systemic change. Continued discussion about how we each individual or company wants/would see the changes is a waste of time.
A strategy is working on getting OASIS to get the IP issue out in the open for discussion. IP is an industry issue. Possible incentives for OASIS taking action is 1) the involvement of legal staffs on votes that are technical ( and the willingness by the corporations to so state), and 2) the unwillingness of people to continue to contribute their gray matter to an exercise that ends up having no utility.
Note I am not saying IP is not an important issue. To me the question, and any further discussion, is how do we get this issue into the hands of people who can better affect a solution than we can.
For those of us in the US could I ask for a inclusive summary at day's end, both days of the F2F.

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