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Subject: Comments RE: [wsbpel] Issue - 152 - New Proposal to Vote

> You think it's a bug, we think it's a feature!
> We are going to have to agree to disagree, but it
> certainly is not a burden to implement!

I am trying to follow the arguments made in Issue 152.
I find that I also have to look at Issue 34. I am looking
at the July 30th, 2004 specification. I am looking at the
example in section 16.3.2 which uses a service-ref element.
However where is the reference-schema attribute as per
section 7.4?  Issue 34 mentions that a service-ref element
should be included in a partnerlink. I do not see this
association in the 16.3.2 example. Nor do I see any mention
of the service-ref element in the partnerLinkType schema.
What am I missing?

I feel that it makes it that more difficult to assess
arguments if the few examples available are not accurate.

One of things I am trying to determine is what type of
information is needed for a "compiler" and runtime todo type checking. I am making the assumption that BPEL
is for the most part, a strongly typed language that can
be statically type checked. Is this the wrong way to
look at things?


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