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Subject: Issue - 137 - Proposal for Vote

Section 9.1

From: The return value of this function is a node set containing the 
single node representing the property. If the given property definition 
selects a node set of a size other than one, then the semantics of the 
process is undefined.

With: The return value of this function is calculated by applying the 
appropriate propertyAlias for the requested property to the current 
value of the submitted variable. If the application of the XPATH in the 
propertyAlias to the variable value results in a response that contains 
anything other than exactly one information item and/or a collection of 
Character information items then a bpws:selectionFailure fault MUST be 

Section 9.3

Insert the following before the paragraph that begins "In the first 
from-spec and to-spec variants the variable attribute...": To-specs MUST 
identify Lvalues so that assignment is possible. A Lvalue, in the 
context of XPATH 1.0, is a node-list containing a single node from the 
value store, e.g. variable, partnerLink, property, etc., identified by 
the to-spec that is to be replaced by the assignment. If a to-spec does 
not identify a Lvalue then a bpws:selectionFailure MUST be thrown.

Insert the following after the sentence "The third from-spec and to-spec 
variants allow...": The property value generated by the from-spec is 
generated in the same manner and with the same faults as the value 
returned by the getVariableProperty() function.

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