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Subject: Re: [wsbpel] Issue - 103 - Moving Forward

A big +1 from me.

Alex Yiu

Yaron Y. Goland wrote:

> Any time a proposal gets too big it can be difficult to make progress 
> because too many issues get mixed up together. As such I propose that 
> we break issue 103 into separate proposals, much as we did with issue 10.
> The first proposal I think should go out for a vote would be a 
> modified version of the current 103 proposal that removes the WSDL 
> binding to XPATH variables, keeps the getVariableData function and 
> doesn't change the current from-specs and to-specs.
> This proposal would just include the binding of non-WSDL BPEL 
> variables to XPATH variables along with defining the XPATH environment 
> in which various BPEL expressions execute.
> Then when we settle exactly how we would like to model WSDL variables 
> we can decide the future of getVariableData(), how WSDL variables will 
> appear in XPATH (including any special forms for doc/lit), if we would 
> like to allow properties to be bound to variables, what from-spec and 
> to-specs we want to use, etc.
> I believe that by breaking this problem up into discrete issues we can 
> make more rapid progress.
> What does the group think?
>     Thanks,
>         Yaron
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