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Subject: Re: [Fwd: Re: [wsbpel] abstract process strawman]

Satish Thatte wrote:

>What I meant to highlight is that conformance means one thing in a template-like use case ("at least those indicated by the abstract process") and in "behavioral interfaces" meant to describe externally observable behavior ("exactly those indicated by the abstract process").  They are variants of conformance, but each should be precisely defined when used in a certain context.  For instance, vertical industry standards may well choose to use behavioral interfaces to describe the behavior of each party in an industry standard exchange pattern for business messages, and in that case behavioral conformance (of the kind that we started to define using minimal no-fault completions) would apply.
mm1: I think part of my original question applies and your response 
infers the latter (It is left to the 'context' of the vertical industry, 
for example). This appears to be guidance or compatibility between the 
abstract and one of the adjoining executable processes rather than 

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