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Subject: Re: [wsbpel] Issue - 166 - Does atomicity in assign imply variable locking?


>I agree that writing parallel code is difficult.
>The proper way to aid parallelism, IMO, would be to
>support it the way so many other parallelized environements
>do: with semaphores and mutexes.

I feel that assignment atomicity is not solved simply
by adding read/write locks, mutexes, etc. Inconsistant
state does not arise only from race conditions. Guaranteeing
atomicity is a BPEL engine developer's problem, not a BPEL
application programmer's problem. I think the right thing
is to state that assignment is atomic and leave its
implementation to the BPEL engine programmer.
>The closest we come is serializable scopes, which force
>>programmers to think like DBAs.
BPEL features like compensation come out of transaction
processing involving databases. It is probably a goodthing that programmers are familiar with these issues.


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