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Subject: Issue - 170 - Proposed Text

We resolved issue 170 by saying that I would propose some text for an 
implementer's note that I would first send out to the list for review. 
Here is the text I think we should add.

Insert after the paragraph in section 11.4 that begins "Note that the 
<reply> activity corresponding to a given request has two potential forms."

Implementer's Note: BPEL treats faults generically, without respect to 
which particular transport they have been bound to. Normally, when 
sending or receiving a fault, a BPEL would specify generic fault 
information in the abstract fault message and then a WSDL 1.1 binding 
would transform that generic information into/from specific error 
information unique to the transport being bound to. In the case of SOAP 
this would mean providing a mapping between generic fault data and 
SOAP's fault code, fault string, fault actor and fault description 
values. However the WSDL 1.1 standard SOAP binding explicitly precludes 
mapping any information from an abstract fault message to a bound SOAP 
fault other than the fault description. In other words there is no 
standard way to specify information in a BPEL that will eventually be 
bound into the fault code, fault string and fault actor values of a SOAP 
fault. This specification does not provide a resolution for this problem.

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