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Subject: Agenda for Dec 8 TC call

The next call of the WS BPEL TC will be on Wed. Dec 8 at 8 am Pacific.   Dial in info is: USA Toll Free Number: 888-711-4576 USA Toll Number: +1-484-630-9377,  LEADER:  DIANE JORDAN PASSCODE: WS BPEL TECHNICAL COMMITTEE.   The passcode and the leader's name will be required to join the call.  
Here is the proposed agenda:
- Nomination/volunteers to take minutes for this call.  
- Roll call/determine quorum
- Review/accept minutes from  Nov. 10 TC calls
- Review agenda

- Discuss agenda for f2f meeting.
First order of business at the f2f will be review and approval of the most recent update to the specification which was posted a few days ago.  
For issue discussion, from discussion among the issues coordination group it appears we will have proposals to discuss around
several of the long running issues including 103 and other related issues (12, 155, 93, and 145), abstract process related issues, and issue 2.  
Please let us know if you have any other issues you'd like to have discussed at the f2f.  Otherwise, as time allows we'll do a review of all outstanding open issues numerically taking into consideration the suggested categories.
- Liaison subgroup report  
- Use case subgroup report
- Requirements and Issues Coordination subgroup report    
- Specification Editing subgroup report    

- Implementation subgroup report
- Issue discussion

Review of potential new issues received 7 or more days prior to the call:  
Issue 180 was received on Dec. 2 and posted to the list on Dec. 4.  We'll ask if there are objections to moving forward in spite of the timing being less than 7 days.
If there is no objection to treating this  as a bug fix, it will be opened, otherwise votes will be held on whether they are bugs and if not, whether to open them at the next meeting.      
Discuss issues with outstanding proposals to vote    
Issues with new proposals this week:
-> issue 87
Issues deferred from previous calls  
-> issue 81 - ready for consideration now that issue 168 is closed

Long running issues
-> issue 103
-> issue 2
-> issue 82
-> issues  107, 91, 97 99:  
-> issue 126:  deferred pending 107
-> issue 6  - pending update to proposal.

-> issue 142 -  associated with the issue 6 proposal.  
-> issue 9: deferred pending inclusion of 84 in spec

 - New business  

Regards, Diane
IBM  Dynamic e-business Technologies
(919)254-7221 or 8-444-7221, Mobile: 919-624-5123

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